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Hello, it is nice to see you here at our website. We wish we have information which you seek and can be of use to you.

We are a small group of researchers who embarked on an experimental project to examine the fundamental relations between consciousness, elements and energy. We like to examine how the formation of our cognitive minds are being affected by the different elements within our bodies, and from those that surrounds us.

Through our findings, we have now enough data to indicate that our life patterns can indeed be the results of such conglomerate manifestations of these infinite elements, which all in their own right, supply a defined value in building our every reality. Such reality dictates our logic, our psycho-biological behaviours, as well as thought and reasoning patterns.

As we are on the verge of a possible social breakdown, it is imminent that we can make available such knowledge to the masses to better understand how our problematic patterns are being carried down over to ourselves from the cognitive information as generated by our ancestors, and most importantly, how such consumptive data can be worked with and possibly be neutralised in hoping to stop its momentus drive to further inflict harm on humanity.

We are not a non-profit organisation, even though we are at times funded by private contributions from those who see an imminent value in our research; but mainly, our funds comes from the marketing of our products and of the education we provide to those who find our information useful.

The theories and concepts are complex and in the pages to follow, I try best to describe them as much as I can.

I wish to extend my sincerest acknowledgement to all those who stopped by and share a common vision of what we try to achieve.

I bid you all the very best in what you decide to venture out to achieve this lifetime. Let all that you do and contemplate upon be a reality on which our children can all rejoice and celebrate to.

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