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The Art and Science of Cognitum Engineering

From millennium upon millennium, the BIG question in all of humankind remains: "Can we change our life?" 

The collective data from more than ten years of intensive research at our Institute have arrived at a conclusion that indeed our life pattern can be altered.

Life, is certainly more than meets the eye. Nothing is co-incidental and nothing happens by chance. Every thought, every action, every happening in our life is meticulously orchestrated and is a conglomerate result of ALL the Consciousness that interacts with each other and binds us to our reality.


"The intense arguments I used to have with my older daughter have disappeared..."

Dave Mathes, Australia read more>>

Hence, our dedication has been focused upon the study of "Consciousness – the Art and Science of Cognitum Engineering" and how this magical feeling of "knowing" is the key factor that contributes to each and every event that takes place in our life. Yet, such complex and all-important feelings of self-existence is grossly ignored and understated.

We believe our life is running on a set of programs, started at the very moment of conception, programs that guide our every senses, the very essence of our existence, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions as well as reactions.

These programs, with their life dictating properties, have been passed on from our forefathers before us, starting way back since the birth of our Universe.


"I can live a more meaningful life in my remaining years with joy, confidence and passion..."

Mr Ko, Hong Kong read more>>

These data of Consciousness are compiled and retained in ALL living organisms in the form of our DNA and is the basis of our Evolution ever since the emergence of the first living organism on this planet.

The inertia from our thoughts and emotions are the very forces that shape the formulation which in turn guides the outcome of all the events in our lives, these momentum determines how we look, what characteristics we possess, and the diseases that we will be most susceptible to. It not only guides our physical and emotional self, it also dictates the nature of our relationships.

Since our DNA is the result of the compilation of such immense amount of data and is passed on from generation to generation for the billions of years, the data which makes up our DNA is extremely complicated and complex in nature.

Through our research, we have come to the conclusion that the key to the changing of our life lies within the secret behind this structure..


"With this new approach,I am no longer a sitting duck, waiting for ailments to inflict my body..."

Elaine Wong, Shanghai read more>>

Our DNA sequence is made up of 3 billion pairs of complex nucleobases and sugar phosphate backbone. This series of intricate and unique combination of different elements and molecular structure not only dictates who we are and how we are, our findings also point towards the understanding that the DNA sequence is also responsible for our thought patterns and life happenings.

In the form of a series of coded messages, the DNA components do give off its very own imprint of a charged electro-magnetic field of Cognitive Energy Structure within which binds us to the formulation to our Life patterns. This Cognitive Energy Structure, as we call it, is not easily visible to the naked eye. With the development of a unique viewing technique, a proprietary technique that can be taught, we are able to decipher the codes that make up this very important and pertinent structure and is able to tell, how these coded energy structures are collectively formulating our realities, including how we look, how we feel, how we think, and the probability on the outcome of our every life event.


"After my first session, I can quickly jump out of my old pattern of a struggling mind...let go & choose to be reborn..." Doris Yeung, Hong Kong read more>>

Moreover, we are able to “see” how these structures interfere with the functionality of our bodily organs while generating the Consciousness that lays the foundation of ALL existence and at the same time causing the symptoms to the different illnesses and diseases, both physical and psychological.

Not only do we have a thorough understanding on the mechanics of this Cognitive Energy Structure, we now also possess the technology, techniques to alter the characteristics of this formulation, and by being able to change this structure, we can change the problematic issues in our life, we can revive the functionality of our bodily organs and have a healthier outlook in the future. A much higher quality of Life, that was never thought possible, is now finally at our grasp.

We currently have a range of comprehensive products and services that either works on its own, or synergistically with each other. They are designed to work on focusing to dissimilate the different layers of our “Self” in bringing about the different requirements and goals as set forth by our clients. Please refer to our latest brochures for a more in-depth study on how our open system can help bring about an Evolution in your Life. 

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